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Happy children’s day everyone! Affirmative, Children’s day is for kids, however, I’m positive all folks do would like to travel back to those golden days and revel in the strain-free days. So, this would like is for that small child who remains within us. 14th November. The date brings back fond reminiscences of faculty picnics, luxurious treats & feeling special normally. Children’s Day has continuously been a time celebrate childhood however nowadays – has gathered a far larger significance within the face of India’s education crisis.

Childhood is that the most precious time in a very person’s life; a time to make happy reminiscences. The games we have a tendency to play, the toys we have a tendency to love, the friends we have a tendency to create, all the extraordinary moments stick with us forever. However not all kids, sadly, have the childhood they are. Financial, social and physical constraints deprive them of even basic joys of twiddling with toys.

Children are the leaders of our nation. After we have interaction in dialogue concerning general amendment through education policy, equity, and innovation – we have a tendency to should embody our children’s within the conversation as they’re the foremost vital stakeholders driving this modification? They need the potential to bring the vital perspective to the talk on education reform and might facilitate us perceive the bottom reality of the present educational landscape whereas at the constant time giving us hope with their sense of possibility.

What better way to celebrate Children’s Day this year than by holding the children’s themselves take the stage!

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