SEO LINK BUILDING STRATEGY in Chandigarh, PunjabIn Digital Marketing, SEO Link Building Strategy is a most important technique. I do use  the spam free technique SEO Link Building Strategy in Chandigarh, Punjab. Well, we all know that we usually do a lot of SEO link building strategy can boom! But sometimes one strategy can burn your all efforts you have put in your website SEO, could be a reason for more damage than using well. As to how much I know, use white hat SEO strategy and avoid using bad links or black hat SEO strategy. By this post, I want to share some of SEO link building strategies, what to don’t or what to do. May you know about some of them I will write them first.


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If we talk about the past years, SEO link building determined as much as links place on other websites or external pages rather than getting paid links. But since Google Penguin (An automated software from Google to prevent spams), these techniques turned into an unsafe link building strategy. According to the Google Penguin update, if we do use link building techniques includes spamming, your website could have Google Penalty and could be vanished from Google’s SERP results. Building a lot of links to another website may help you to rank the website for a while, but it won’t be good for long. So I would recommend you to avoid putting a lot of links, just link your website with quality and relevance sites.


I believe that most of you know already about some link building techniques mentioned below, you don’t have to apply them if you want to avoid Google Penalties:

  • Do not buy links.
  • Do not exchange links.
  • Do not use automated software’s to get bulk and instant links.
  • Do not use of guest blogging with poor and out of topic contents.
  • Do not leave comments on blogs or forums, if only you just want to putt links of your website.
  • This is also a bad idea to over-optimizing anchor text.
  • Don’t go for the links which are not related to the topic of our websites.
  • Don’t get links from spams websites, used for publishing Viagra or porn content.

Now, I think we have almost covered all of them, let’s go for which we don’t know much about also known as link building.


It’s a bad idea also to linking the only homepage; make sure you would have to get links on different web pages of your website. If we only do link homepage, our link building technique will become spammy. I agree with, if we are writing about our brand or business, it is applicable to link homepage. But if we write on another website about products or news of our company or brand, we must have to link with our company’s products or news pages. And I would say this is the correct and natural way to link with other pages.

We should make sure that we are doing the link building strategy features the organic way to link websites. And obviously linking exact pages it will help you to lead better conversion on your website! So I think we must do linking for our relevant product and service pages. Link the pages where we can finish the deal completely! Really, this way can help your website to build an honorable profile and with the conversion at the same time too.


Do not pay for or buy links! Google would not recommend you to buy bulk links form companies pointing to get your website top ranked in Google SERP Results. But, if we talk about buying a single link from a particular company? And from a high-quality website? Is that right or wrong to buy a single link from such type of an individual company? Will Google find out about ever?

No! Google won’t be able to find about buying a single link from an individual company. But, still, I would tell you not to do so. The reason is if a company sold you a single link, it could also sell more links to other more peoples. And, although, a single link would not be considered by Google, as to how interrogative links increases on a website, it could be caused to raise penalty by Google Penguin. Seo Link building Strategy in Chandigarh.

3. Publish the Same Content on Different Sites. Don’t!

Writing articles or blogs about a company or of product and services, also is another way to get organic links, by this we try to get our written articles to publish on other sites. It’s good, but we must avoid publishing the same article, blog and news contents on other sites though! In an article, we may have changed some sentences and paragraphs, also we may have used some alternatives for few words, after all, this doing it’s still remains as duplicated and copied content to the original content. Mainly whenever we repeat the same trick certain times.

Note: By recycling the content, it doesn’t mean that we are creating new content. It can also ruin your efforts that you have made for your website. Write fresh and unique articles of websites. Yes, it seems like we have to do a lot of work and it is. Because we all know that SEO link building strategy is not that easy. Seo Link building Strategy in Chandigarh.

4. Don’t forget social media!

Don’t forget out social media if we’re doing link building. Even we don’t know how exactly we are getting links from social media to our websites, how it helps a website to get rank higher; still, social media should be involved in our SEO link building strategy. If suddenly our website receives certain links, intensely it would be awful if we didn’t get several links from social media sites. It could also make you look spammy if Google considers it. So besides of your efforts to get links from relevant websites do the effort for getting shares, comments and likes also on Social Media Platforms as well. Seo Link building Strategy in Chandigarh.

5. Make it Natural, Don’t fake it

Our SEO link building strategy must be natural, make sure we are not faking it. Placing links could be beneficial to the user of a website, so must place the links. The links should be relevant to the content of the website we are adding to. Formally our SEO link building strategy is a part of marketing strategy which is used to tell people about products, websites, and service and of company.  And marketing is never being aimed only to get more and more quality links as possible. Seo Link building Strategy in Chandigarh.

Final Resolution: Links must have useful and relevant content to the user of website

By comprehensive SEO perspective, the placed links must be useful to a user of the website. Putting the link means something; because embedded links in text send users to the specific pages. If a link appears on Google and it doesn’t get any clicks on, the link should not be there. Whenever we place the links, it means to get clicks on those links.

SEO link building strategy should be creating useful and specific links for the audience of a website so that user clicks on! Keep in mind, with these avoiding SEO link building strategies. Your SEO link building strategy should be well going through this way.

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