What Is Spam Score and How to reduce spam score from website

What Is Spam Score?

Spam Score representing the percentage of same rules which would be banned by Google. A page with a high spam score is not good for Google’s. A page with less spam score will affect your website to increase your ranking position in SERP.


How to reduce the spam score from Website:

The main thing you need to do is, you have to repudiate all the spam joins from your site and spotlight on quality connections that are applicable to your specialty. Immaterial connections will hurt your site and you may lose your positioning on SERP.

The normal spam score ought to be fewer than 5% is better. Through Google Search Console you can expel all your spam joins from your site.


Avoid usage of spam words and phrases

Content is the to rank our website, but as I see in few days main reason of spam score increase are content we use spam words and phrase which has not been ranking our website. So avoid usage of spam words and makes a strategic distance from all Spam words that spammers likewise habitually use. Try not to mask words, or use incorrect spellings of prohibited words.


Remove External links form low Ranking website

SEO expert-created backlink of our website on different websites to ranking higher in SERP. But due to the submission of the backlink on spam websites which flow down ranking because it would be not allowed by google.

To get Ranking must be submitted our website which DA PA is higher. Which helps you in ranking the website easily and our website also not came into higher spam score websites lists?


Use limited keywords according to content to low spam Score

As we know according to SEO keywords Density will be 2-3%. Spam score increase due to a few factors keyword density is one of the factors in the list of it. Some time we using more keywords rather than their Density. When Google crawls our website, google bots identify some of the words that occur more and more.

Google knows these SEO strategies and makes website spam score higher which reduces ranking in SERP.

So, as last, I tell us this must be using keywords according to content and her density will be 2-3%.


Avoid HTML errors, unsupported techniques, obscure content, and obfuscation

  • Do not use Flash, JavaScript, forms, and other unsupported techniques.
  • Do not use an HTML font color similar to the background, large font sizes, and lots of different font colors.
  • Do not hide text (for example using CSS display none) or other content hiding techniques.


Use short image names. 1. Jpg is better than header.jpg. Your email should not contain large images and must have a normal image/text ratio.

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